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News From WC In Berlin
Huge Sucsess for Denfi Sport
Robert Harting 2009
GOLD 2009
When you give the World's best discus thrower, probably the most winning discus in the World, and he makes himself
into the ring for a World Record Challenge event in Växjö in Sweden!!. When the man Is Gerd Kanter ,
then you get an indoor World Record.
Precise  that happened Sunday d March 22 when Gerd Kanter set New World Record with a discus from Denfi Sport
The name of the disc is of cause  Jürgen Schult Ultimate Spin
Gerd Kanter came up mighty 69.51 meters. He had during his 6 throws 3 throws that were longer than the old record of 66.20 set in 1980 by Wolfgang Schmidt.


Best regards


Denfi Sport


           NEWS NEWS NEWS 
Denfi Discus got gold in Beijing
With  Stephanie Brown-Trafton USA
She threw The Jürgen Schult Ultimate spin 64.74  meters
Congrats Stephanie
Best regards
Denfi Sport
    "Throwing for gold"
            by Denfi
Virgilijus Alekna got bronze in the olympics 2008 beijing
With a throw at 67,79meters
With the Jürgen Schult Ultimate Spin
Congrats Virgilijus
Best regards
Denfi Sport
    "Throwing for gold"
            by Denfi

The Jürgen Schult SKYMASTER does now carry a CERTIFICATE FROM The IAAF as valid in all competitions Worldvide
D2000SKYM cert.number:I-02-0270
D1000SKYM cert.number:I-00-0229
Remember that you have to tell your national team,if you want to use the Skymaster in major Competitions.Otherwise it will not be There!!!

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